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Hawthorne Elementary celebrates the school's diversity


Students and teachers at Hawthorne Elementary have spent the past couple of weeks preparing for Thursday, a day where they could come together to showcase their diversity.

With 20 different languages spoken and students from more than 40 countries across the globe Hawthorne is about as diverse as you can get, and the school is going all out to celebrate that diversity.

"The Journey to Hawthorne is just to create an awareness and so people will start embracing diversity and be aware of what we have in Sioux Falls." Said School & Home Liaison Poornima Dsouza.

Each year the school puts on a showcase for it's diversity and the theme 'Journey to Hawthorne' highlights each student's journey to the school.

"Whether it's from an Indian reservation, or from Ethiopia, or from Nepal, we want students to know who they are and where they come from." Said English Teacher Suzanne Maxwell. 

While the students learn about themselves they are also teaching their classmates.

Each student wrote about their culture and personal journey that brought their families to Hawthorne and their stories and art work lines the halls of the school.

Parents also share in the cultural experience and put together displays of their heritage for the students to interact directly with.

Teachers say this showcase of diversity puts the school's concept of 'ubuntu' into action.

"It's kind of one of our school motto's it means, I am who I am, because you are who you are." Said Maxwell.

So whether it's doing some zumba or shaking some maracas, the 'Journey to Hawthorne' teaches respect for all the cultures and beliefs at this very diverse and very special elementary school.

"The more aware of other cultures, the more tolerant you become, and that leads to peace." Said Dsouza.

Representatives from the Sioux Falls School District as well as local business leaders also took part in the school's celebration on Thursday morning.

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