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Becoming Internationally Competitive

Watch this video to view Stanford University professor and noted researcher Linda Darling-Hammond about what the United States can learn from high-achieving countries on teaching, learning, and assessment -- from Finland to Singapore

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Comment by Lisa Hunstad on February 5, 2010 at 4:23pm
I thought that the video by Linda Darling-Hammond was great, very thought provoking! It caused me to think and reflect upon the book we are studying at Longfellow Elementary, How To Differentiate Instruction In Mixed-Ability Classrooms by Carol Ann Tomlinson. Many of Linda's comments; points that she makes, links right with this book.

"A curriculum that is good for students pushes them a bit beyond what they find easy or comfortable. Our best teaching happens when we give students a genuine challenge and then help them successfully meet it. Differentiated instruction is so powerful because it offers various levels of genuine challenge. Your students' sense of self-efficacy comes from recognizing their power after accomplishing something they first thought was just 'too big' for them. Design your lessons to stretch all students beyond their comfort zones in knowledge, insight, thinking, basic skills, production and presentation skills, and affective awareness."

As an ELL teacher, I feel that the "Push-in/Co Teaching Model" that I am implementing with many colleagues is powerful and definitely a critical step in the right direction to make us more competitive with our international students.

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